Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Mind Palace of Sherlockitude

Somewhere between the pages, between the light reflector and the light receptor, between eye and the mind, and between all the bits that come after . . . there lies the Mind Palace of Sherlockitude.

We all have places without GPS coordinates, places we can go when we want to be alone with our thoughts, and places that we never have time to fully explore. Places we'd like to have a reason to spend a little more time in. Hence, this blog.

This blog is my excuse to take a meandering walk through a place I always enjoy spending time in, the world of Sherlock Holmes . . . as evoked by a certain set of words that were spread across the globe, thanks to Mr. Arthur Conan Doyle. Words penned by John H. Watson, M.D., Sherlock Holmes, and an anonymous hand or two, collected into a single, double, or multiple volume set on many occasions, and published in magazines and newspapers on many others. Words that have created a million worlds in a million minds . . . and made a comfy and familiar place for some of us.

What follows is my comfy and familiar place evoked by those same words. It may not look like what got built in your mind palace, but that's why we visit other people's homes -- to see what they've done with the place that is different from our own.

Welcome to the Mind Palace of Sherlockitude. I hope you make it all the way to the exit door with me.

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